Replicant smartphone opzij gelegd.

Na een maand uitgebreid testen en spelen met replicant op mijn nieuwe Galaxy S3 heb ik de moed opgegeven dat ik hiermee op korte termij een bruikbare smartphone kan organiseren. Terug naar mijn oude Nokia 6021 en mijn papieren kalender.

Van de 10 basisfuncties die ik vereist vind (openvpn, voip, filesync, calsync, cardsync, tasks en notes plus sync, usb connectie met pc, camera en passwordmanager) deden twee (filesync en camera) het sowieso niet en een aantal anderen had ik na een maand nog steeds niet foolproof werkend (openvpn, voip). Ook kreeg ik het niet voor elkaar om applications aan file associations te koppelen. 

Het is best lastig als je nooit een smartphone hebt gehad om dan te achterhalen of iets het nou niet doet omdat je gewoon (nog) niet begrijpt hoe je het moet organiseren, of omdat vanwege de beperkingen van replicant de functie sowieso niet (goed) kan werken. Daarmee kom ik toch voor een wat lastige keuze te staan. Enerzijds vertik ik het om zo’n spy phone te gaan gebruiken. Anderzijds zou het goed zijn om eerst eens met een foolproof systeem alle mogelijkheden te hebben uitgeprobeerd voordat ik een volgende poging ga doen om zaken op replicant aan de praat te krijgen.

Voor de geinteresseerde hier mijn lijst van bevindingen met replicant

sim: working
Connection is made. Bit strange I have to put both sim credentials and phone credentials twice add startup. If I do it to quickly sim connection is failing. But as soon as connection is made, it stays fine.
usb connect: working
I install replicant-sdk with this manual:
I organise usb connect with this manual:
– on pc I do ‘adb shell’ en get into replicant shell
– I execute but get errors. If I execute this in front it helps
‘ADB shell “setprop sys.usb.config rndis,adb”‘
But then you have to restart the device shell with ‘adb shell’
– on device run ‘sh /data/ start’ en on pc run ‘sudo sh start’. Check if you can ping from device to pc (check ‘netcfg’) en then from device to the internet.
– sometimes your network applet is interfering, disconnect any usb connections which are made there
files and synchronisation: not (really) working
I am using owncloud. In the final situation I should have an instance of owncloud on my own home server. But for the testing I took a free account on a owncloud provider. I am using f-droid app owncloud-client. After installing go to settings/accounts+sync/add account. Add owncloud and fill in the right credentials of your owncloud server. Syncing works only one way, from server->device not from device->server. I red somewhere you can use a webdav client and then syncing should both ways. But there is no free/open source webdav client available.
contacts and synchronisation: working
I am using the contacts app which is default available. I was able to sync it with owncloud server. I thought I used davdroid for that. settings / accounts+sync/add account. add davdroid, fill in credentials and the url:
I did some testing with evolution and thunderbird contacts. It did work kind of, but did not test deeply. I had to fill in one of these lines anywhere, can’t find where anymore:
calendar and synchronisation: working
I am using app acal. Go to settings/account+sync/add account. Add acal, and fill in anywhere your login credentials of you owncloud server and this url:
acal works fine, it syncs both sides via owncloudserver
tasks and synchronisation: partly working
app alcaltasks.I am not sure anymore, but I thougth you did not have to fill any credentials. It just becomes part of your instance of acal. acaltastks works, it syncs both sides via owncloudserver. But this is only true when you don’t fill in any dates. The moment you fill in any dates, the tasks are not available for editing anymore on the device.
notes: not working
app acalnotes. Works same as acaltasks. But they don’t sync. So cannot use them.
password manager: working but not two way syncing
app keepassdroid. Works out of the box. Tested it with owncloud sync and it worked, but only one way (server->device). To get it sync with keepass on ubuntu the kdb file was not recognized by Keepass2, but it was by KeepassX. So I used KeepassX and keepassdroid to exchange passwords which worked fine.
camera: not working
Both (front and back) are not working, no reaction at all. This is not in line with the specs on replicant wiki. If I use the barcode scanner I can see the camera working, so something strange is going on.
barcode scanner: not working
It does not working in replicant. Has something to do with .. which is not as free/open source available
openvpn: working
Works quite straitforward. Did quite some testing, but could not find out how to get it foolproof take care it will always be taken over connections. Especially when you cold start the phone, but often also after a long break, vpn is lost and all connections are all in the open. Probably missed something in the settings.
Sipdroid: not working
Did not work. registration went fine, it showed ‘registration completed’. But making a phone call, connections where dropped at once.
Linphone: working?
Works. Registration went fine and I could make phone calls. I only could not found out how to get microphone working, so the other side did not here me. Probably misss something.
File associations: not working
I could not find out how to get certain files associated with a certain application. I think it should been done by ‘settings/appss/choose app/launch by default’. But this setting can not be activated, tapping on it gives no result. Same is the case with most of the menuitems in ‘settings/apps/choose app/…’, they can not been activated by tapping on it. And I don’t know what to do about it.

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