Djangosites with Apache2.4 and Wsgi on Ubuntu 14.04

Since a year I am making progress in creating Django websites and apps. At first I could only use my apps locally. Then after a long struggle I got django working for a while on apache2 (version 2.2) on ubuntu 12.04. After upgrading to ubuntu 14.04 everything was messed up and I found out the new apache2 version (2.4.7) had a completely different setup and I quit the job for a while. Then someone pointed me to the great guys of For a few bucks a month these guys let you publice your django apps in a breeze. But now I decided to have my own server publice django sites and took a deep dive again.

These notes are merely here for myself as a reminder and to get the procedure updated if necessary. If you have any comments or questions please let me know.


I will assume that we have a fresh Ubuntu server installation (14.04/14.10) with Python and Django already installed. Decide where you want your django sites been located. I used the following:
my djangosites directory: /usr/share/djangosites
my domainname: Continue reading